Colli di Luni and Gulf of Poets

The Province of La Spezia is spread over an area two-thirds of which is covered by dense forest, it is furrowed by transparent streams and rivers, this land has been shaped by man creating stunning scenery. We only have to think about the vineyards overlooking the sea and the villages of the Cinque Terre, the hills around Levanto and Luni, the olive trees, crops and livestock and the Val di Vara, known as the organic Valley.

It is possible to participate in many sporting activities such as swimming, diving, horseback riding, canoeing along the Vara river, free climbing and walking along the dense network of trails running along the coast or through the valleys and hills Here, man is in direct contact with the environment, and can enjoy his free time in a healthy, pleasant way.

The history of the area can be seen in the ancient Roman city of Luni, and in villages scattered in the hills of the Riviera of La Spezia, also in the Val di Vara, in the Val di Magra and towns bordering the Gulf of Poets. In La Spezia, Lerici and Porto Venere, the beautiful decorated facades of the buildings, churches, castles, squares and alleys narrate the history of these communities, enchanting visitors all through the year.
This province is welcoming and friendly, the quality of life here is very good and there are many cultural events which reflect the customs and traditions of its past, such as the “Marineria “Festival in La Spezia and the “Festival of the Mind” in Sarzana. Theatrical activities, associations and the presence of numerous thematic museums are found throughout this territory. This variety of choice is noticeable in La Spezia where the Naval Museum, the Museum of Transport, the Lia Museum, the Camec art gallery, the Museum of the Sigillo, the Mansion of the Arts, the Diocesan Museum and the Museum of Ethnography are open to the public. Visitors can also enjoy a ride in the panoramic lift, which goes from the central street of Via del Prione up to the Archaeological Museum in the castle of San Giorgio, where there is a magnificent view over the whole Gulf.
The city centre is full of shops, restaurants, cafés with open terraces and a daily food market which sells fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, focacce and local fish. The activity of farmers and their know how has led to a new boom in growing natural products, and the excellent jams, honey, cheese, cold meats and sausages, do honour to the local wine and food industry. A wonderful combination of products from land and sea, where the DOP extra virgin olive oil, herbs, saffron and fragrant basil reign supreme. The landscape is characterized by rows of vineyards that run along the hills or descend towards the sea. In autumn the black and white grapes are transformed into DOC and I.G.T. wine, which are fragrant and tasty with golden or crimson hues. We are talking about the wines of the Cinque Terre (the famous Sciacchetrà), the wines from the hills around Levanto, and Vermentino wine from the Colli di Luni. The Vermentino wine has a clear, bright yellow colour, with hints of wild flowers, exotic fruits and a gives a pleasant, light salty sensations to the tase buds due to the proximity of the sea; all these qualities combine perfectly with the local cuisine.


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Vertourmer 2.0

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